Monday, May 31, 2010

Sensorial Extensions - revised

I've been thinking a lot about sensorial materials lately. There are many different perspectives involving the sensorial materials. Carry them carefully, use them one at a time. Build them with order. Fantasy play isn't accepted, etc. Yet, if you look back at Maria Montessori's handbook she clearly emphasizes that it is only with extensive use does the child really develop a true understanding of the properties of the material.

If you consider the properties of the sensorial materials that are not "education of the senses", use of the sensorial material is even more important. Gradation and sorting are pre-math skills. The development and extension of patterns, The ability to use one object as a unit of measurement. What about creativity and thinking of something from an artistic point of view.

Sensorial Extensions.

This was created by one of my students, Carter. He was surrounded by students working together on contingent maps. I recall how he had to work a bit to maintain his working area against the hustle of so many continent maps moving about the room. He was tremendously proud of himself for creating this balanced work of art using the red knobless cylinders. We took a picture and he wanted to make sure that I showed others. He told me how he needed to move this piece and that piece. I loved his concentration, but more I can see what he learned about weight, height and balance!

The robot is taken from a blog called The Montessori Goldmine. She initially got it from the Sunrise Learning Lab.  The original picture reflects a picture of her son, and was edited by the Montessori Goldmine.

This pink tower and brown stair extension was located at Con La Cabeza en Las Nubes

From the classroom at the Montessori School of Holmes Run in Falls Church, VA. We call it the Grand Sensorial Layout.
 by Stevanne

Check out this cool extension to the pink tower! on Twitpic
Pink Tower Extension by BMMontessori!

I know that I have a picture of an extension called "The Grand Pagoda" and one that resembles a "Christmas Tree", but not on this computer.  The idea that I like the most though isn't to copy an extension, but to create your own and become part of a book that shows possibilities!

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The Sunshine Crew said...

Cool extension! Will have to share with mine, as they are into extensions at the moment.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Hi Tracy,
Thank you for posting the photo of my son doing his pink tower and broad stairs extension. That photo was originally on my blog of Big Bro doing the extension and then, it was featured on the Montessori Goldmine.
When Jo posted it to Montessori Goldmine, she just had to crop it to fit it for the space, but that is my son doing the work.
Glad that you like his extension.
Here is the full post:
My boys have been very into doing extensions lately. They have been doing pink tower, broad stairs, and knobless cylinder extensions. I have them labeled on my blog if you would like to see other extensions.
On a totally different note, hope that you will like your care package.
Thanks! Colleen

Stevanne said...

The first picture is from my classroom at the Montessori School of Holmes Run in Falls Church, VA. We call it the Grand Sensorial Layout.

Stevie Mills

jojoebi said...

some great ideas there on Meg's old blog, Montessori By Hand I think she showed the children building famous buildings using the sensory equipment, which is another neat idea.

Leann @ MontessoriTidbits said...

Hi. I linked to your blog post today on my blog.

Thanks for inspiring me!

Tracy said...

Leann - That was a delightful post you wrote. I loved it.